Online shopping. Check!

I love online shopping, who doesn’t anyway? I know what I usually order, obviously, but, who gets the same feeling as mine, when the delivery guy has dropped your purchase in your mail? Excited of course.

Here in Singapore, there are a lot of online shopping sites, name it, we have it. You have to choose wisely, though as some of the clothing blogshops that I have tried are not worth the cheap price.

And then there’s Zalora. Few weeks ago, I saw this pretty heels from Nine West and boy, I ordered it stat. Apparently, when the shoes came, it didn’t fit me well. But fret not, as Zalora has this smooth 30-day return policy. Yes, oh yes, and it’s free.

I managed to return it, thank goodness. And off to my next purchase, shoes again to replace the other one. It was a Nine West heels again, but this time it fit me perfectly. I was very happy with it!

I must admit I love discounts, promotions, and free deliveries! Don’t worry as most of the items on sale can also be returned or exchanged.

So next time, you think of doing some shopping online, try out Zalora. You will never get disappointed. Plus, their customer service is on point, 100%!

To give you some push and shopspiration, just click away Zalora is love and start your indulgence. And yes, you’re welcome. 🙂

Zalora + online shopping is love, love, love.

Zalora is love. 

Enjoy your online shopping!






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