Korean Food!

Been in Singapore for the past eight years and my standards of an authentic Korean food is probably as that of Kopitiam and Food Republic’s. I have not been to South Korea, but of course, Korean food is Korean food. 

There is this one restaurant along Orchard Road that is always packed with people, long queues and all. I usually pass on trying it as I can’t imagine my smell after I leave the shop. Yes, the smell of food is nice.. to eat but not on your hair and clothes. πŸ™‚ 

Yesterday, I was craving for something Korean and asked if we can try it out. We reached the shop at 8.00pm, ignoring the cashier’s shoutout that they’re already closed for the evening.

As expected, it was a long queue, but the smell is heavenly! I didn’t mind smelling like bibimbap at all.

I ordered the Sliced Beef set, I wanted to Spicy Pork but looking at those having it, I didn’t think that I can tolerate the spiciness of it. JT ordered the Saba Fish. 

Pardon my photo, it doesn’t justify the taste of the food! The beef was so tender and tasty! With all the soy sauce, it was not salty. The soup was very flavourful too. 

The saba fish was cooked very well, though I am not a fan of it, if you love fish, I am sure you will appreciate it.

Price? The beef is 10.00$ per set and the saba is 8.50$. Sets come with a bowl of rice, soup and a choice of side dish (anchovies, cucumber, or whatelse, kimchi). 

All in all, it’s a great deal. The food must be yummy, yes, I didn’t mind the smell of clothes after we left the resto!
A peak of the menu!

Kim Dae Mun is located at 100 Orchard Road, The Concorde Hotel Level 1. They’ re open until 8.30pm but make sure to be there before that. They take last order at 8. Queue can be long but quite fast moving.

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