Love is Patient (Literally).

Lately, my partner became the busiest person I know. I encouraged him to take the opportunity to level up in his career. So, then, he got it. Couple of months after, he has been a flull-fledged (Technical) director of his team. Needless to say, he has never been busier.

There are the ups and lows of having a partner/ spouse who is very workaholic. There are times when, I want him to slow down, because I see him struggling, but I can not do anything much about it. When he drops the line, “Im doing this for you, for our future, for our retirement.” .  I close my mouth, smile, and thank God he is like that. There are times, when, I want to go out malling, or even have a little out of town, I can not get him out of his laptop. Or his iPhone. But then again, everytime I check my Facebook or Instagram, and see my friends’ husbands and how they spend so much time  on social media, I become silent, and tell myself, “Thank God, my partner is not like that.” I can even comment, “Dont they have other more important things to do?”

I realize, that, when you are in a “mature” relationship, the words, “when you love me, then you will have time for me” is something that needs a little tweaking. I think that when you both have a goal, like for us, we both feel that we want to retire earlier, and working hard (for now) is the solution for that. Then, you wil not feel neglected or ignored. Though sometimes, when I am down, and I need him, I just tap him at the back, and say my sweet lines, that, I need him.   Communication is always the key. I appreciate all his efforts when he allocates his time for me. I am still his priority, anyway. While I can not feel that (yet), by the amount of time he spends with me on a daily basis, I know that deep in his heart, he does all the hard work, to spend quality time with me, on our retirement.

PS. My rules, we spend dinner together, have a little 10-20 minute chat of what happened on our respective days. I always  offer to do the household chores, I serve him beer when he wants it. I operate the TV to watch our favorite show. The list of “lovely” rules set by me goes on.



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