Everyday is A New Beginning.

Today is Tuesday, not rushing for work as I got up early this morning. These kind of days make me realize that when you actually prepare yourself to be ahead, in my case, my work starts at 8.30, you do not make yourself feel pressured. Or they say in Filipino, “ngarag”. In other words, you do not need to end up in the office having unbrushed hair, running to chase the train. At least, if you are having a not so great week, this part of the morning is just as quiet and peaceful as it can be.

We tend to be chaotic, we become as rushed, same as the hustle and bustle of the city where I am at now. My partner (in some texts, I will tend to call him hub), is having the busiest time of his life. He has been promoted to his new post, and as a domino effect, passes the stress to me! I do not mind of course, I have always told him I am his (most beautiful) shock absorber. Hehe..

So, here goes my random morning thoughts. It’s a four day work week for us here in Singapore, as our Muslim friends celebrate the end of Ramadan. So, can’t wait for the long weekend!

Have a blessed day everyone!


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