The OFW Mom Tales

For us Filipinos, we call ourselves, OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers. We are all over the world. I am in Singapore. I have been here for seven years now. Like any others, my purpose is to support my two children and to give them a comfortable and good life. But, the question I pose to myself, is the distance worth it? Is the lost time being away from them worth it?

Let me introduce myself, I am Audrey Rose, 34 years old. I have two kids, I am single mother, but, not quite technically. While my main objective when I came over to Singapore was to get a job, God has blessed me also with the best Partner in the whole world.

My intentions of putting up this blog, is to basically 1. free my mind and be more productive (haha) 2. hopefully give awareness to others who has been in the same shoes like mine 3. I could go on forever, I just want to be someone who can inspire other people.

Let me talk about my children, my goals!, fashion, budgeting, some travelling, saving, investing, and one of my favourite subject, Love.

Hope you will enjoy reading my posts.



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